Wraptor owner Jay Johnstone has been building custom rods for 20 years and has the experience to do a variety of designs.  His attention to detail is what truly separates his work from imitators.  Check out this feature article on Jay and Wraptor Rods recently published in the Oregonian.

​​About the Wraptor Shop

About Wraptor Fishing Rods


Wraptor Custom Rods was started to create truly one of a kind fishing rod that can handle trophy fish of all varieties.  Using the best components, these rods will last a long time and have the ability to land hundreds of fish.  The custom feather designs are as unique as a finger print allowing your rod to be the treasure of your fishing gear.

The Wraptor Shop isn't a mass production filled with conveyor belts and robots. But each room and tool has it's purpose. In the four room shop you have the "Upper Shop" where right as you walk in you're greeted with apparel, fish bonkers, and pre made fishing rods in the Wraptor Office. To the left is the gluing room where the handles, reel seats, and art work are made and put together to begin the creation of your Wraptor Rod

If you walk forward through the office you'll see our wrapping/decal room. This is where the guides and thread are applied. Along with any decals that you may want added onto your rod with out Thermal Vinyl Printer. 

Finally, we have a "Lower Shop" where parts to build your rods are stored. Social Media photos of newly built rods and other products are also taken in this room with professional lighting and a clean white background.

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