Grant's getaways

Special guests from the East Coast and Wicked Tina using Wraptor Custom Fishing Rods

Nancy Marciano and Tina Greel  putting the hurt ​on our Pacific Salmon.

See Wraptor Custom fishing Rods in action with some of the best fisherman from around the country.  We have colorful designs to meet your desires on all different types of fishing rods from halibut to salmon to trout to fly fishing.

  Comcast Sports Network And custom fishing rods

​               Wraptor Custom fishing rods On Outdoor GPS

Latest News

Wraptor Custom Rods of Oregon has Fishing gear like no other like a human finger print that can’t be duplicated.

Building Wraptor Custom fishing rods for Busch Beer and  guide Jody Smith

It will be a great honor in the months to come.

​ fishing rod fishing gear

Grant McOmie visits Wraptor Rods to film a special Grant's Getaways.  The full KGW version is available here.

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