Your feather wrapped rod is unique because each feather has its owen distinct barb impression
just like a human finger print no one feather wrap is the same and cannot be duplicated. You will have an heirloom that is true to you and your family.
  Red Death at work on Hard Merchandise

The Boys of Wicked Tuna and the Rods Wraptor Built 


Paul Hebert

Dave Carraro

Dave Carraro of National Geographic's Wicked Tuna is a rod builder in his own right and most of the rods on his boat he has built so when an opportunity rised up that we could build a Blue Fin rod for Dave of course we answered with a Calstar 7-130 blank ,Winthrop guides and a customized Aftco butt all in a coffin case.
This was the result.

This is Dave Marciano of Wicked Tuna
After watching the show and seeing that Dave needed to hold a roller guide to keep it from moving I decided to heed the call
and help the occasion by building Dave a 7-130 Calstar with Winthrop guides and a customized Aftco butt also with a coffin case we
named the rod Red Death.

Happy Birthday Nancy Marciano
Nancy's rod is a cgbt h 7' 45 lbs for striper and bait
glad your happy Nancy good luck

This is Ina Be from Germany. Wraptor built a 15 to 30 XSA108 2dr with a split grip and chameleon guides when Ina
was telling me she wanted a zander rod I thought she wanted one for her boy friend but It turns out zander means
Walleye in Germany.

Headed to the Emerald Coast for
Black Marlin

When we were asked to build a spinning rod for Black Marlin I certainly did not know
this was about Penn Internationals line of spinning reels that needed to be tested
Jo from Hogg's Hardcore Tackle fishes for Blacks on the Emerald coast with his Charter operation's,(Omar's sport fishing and the Boat Tequila. Wraptor decided to use all Alps products and Jo's Hand picked blank from his private stock thanks Jo were proud to be apart of your adventure.

Team Tequila is Having fun
The Emerald coast will be seeing two new rods for a Tournament in Escondido which will be on the charter
Tequila. A all women's charter. We decided to Use the New roller Guides from Batson
with Alps gimbals and Fugi Reel seats good luck I'm sure this will be the best looking crew
in southern Mexico.

Meet Allison and Katrina Wraptors new Models they will be Modeling our apparel and products.
Sweat shirts are in
 to order call me at 503 789 3943 or e-mail
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